Tim C. Spring Valley, CA

“I owed the IRS about $20 grand. It was $23,000 to be exact. I was trying to take care of it by making payments in an Installment Agreement, but I was only paying interest each month. My debt just wasn’t getting any smaller, so I contacted Taxpayer Advocate Professions online. Rion got me set up in their program and they did one hell of a job. They cut my debt from $23,000 to $3,000, and on top of that, I had them do my 2015 returns, and they got me a $7,000 refund, clearing my debt entirely! It is a breath of fresh air to have worked with a company that does what it is paid to do. I paid them about $3,000 for all of the work they did, and it was more than worthwhile. I am very satisfied with my experience – highly recommended.”